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Were you pulled over and ticketed by a police officer for a traffic violation in the state of Connecticut? If so, plead not guilty and call our toll free office number before you pay it! The team at Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 844-PULLED-OVER can develop and execute a defense against all types of Connecticut traffic tickets.
Complete defense for non-moving violations starting as low as $199 (plus court costs, if any).

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When you don’t take action immediately towards your traffic ticket, you can end up with severe consequences. If your main income involves a motor vehicle, you may be subject to a license suspension that can throw a twist in your career.

We understand that you can simply pay most of your tickets by putting your signature on the back, admit your guilty and then send the citation back or take of it online.
But along with the expensive fines, points can be added to your driving record. After a certain threshold of points, you may have your driver’s license suspended in the state of Connecticut.

Your other choice is to let Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 844-PULLED-OVER fight your speeding ticket case for you! By choosing an experienced Connecticut traffic lawyer to defend your ticket, you will have the best chance to get your ticket dismissed, or have the citation reduced so no further points will appear on your record.

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When you choose to challenge a traffic citation in Connecticut, like running a red light or speeding, your case will be appointed in front of a magistrate. In general, the only witnesses are the police officer and yourself. When you choose The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 844-PULLED-OVER, we can negotiate your citation to an agreed upon settlement.

Get a Free Consultation From a Connecticut Speeding Ticket Lawyer

When you have questions about the judgment of how and why you received your traffic ticket, a ticket lawyer can offer a solution to the defense. With a quick phone consultation, you can find out if you need to have an experienced lawyer represent you in your case.

Find an Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you currently are being cited in Connecticut for speeding, using a cell phone, or any other traffic fine you may need to take immediate action or else you could have points on your Connecticut license and also a considerable amount of fines and surcharges.

When working with Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 844-PULLED-OVER, we will dive into your case and fight your traffic ticket to get the points and charges reduced so you don’t have an increased auto insurance.

By the way, when you work with us, you may never have to step foot in a Connecticut courtroom. When you have an experienced traffic ticket lawyer working for you, missed work hours and other important life events won’t be missed.

What we value the most is that we achieve the results that we promise to our clients. We have helped hundreds of Connecticut citizens get their speeding tickets resolved.

We handle the following motor vehicle infractions:

Since we handle a bundle of traffic ticket cases every month, our fees are very competitive due to the fact that we have increased our efficiency approval rate with our past clients. We are confident that if you choose to let us take on your case, we can get you the results you are looking for.

What Our Connecticut Based Law Firm Can Do For You:

  1. We can represent you in all the courts of Connecticut unless your case is a 2nd or 3rd DUI charge.
  2. In most cases, traffic school training is not necessary after we resolve your case.
  3. Lessen the stress of waiting long hours waiting in court for your case to come up.
  4. Lower your charges so that points are deducted from your record.
  5. Limit the price increase on your insurance premiums if points are dismissed from your case.

It’s important to note that prosecutors are under a great deal of pressure to get your court case in and out as fast as possible. They don’t want these cases to become more complex because it holds them back from settling more serious incidents. If you have a traffic ticket lawyer defending you, then they understand the courtroom and are prepared to get your case taken care of as soon as possible. In most cases, they will plea bargain to a charge that will be far less in cost and not hurt your driving record.

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When dealing with traffic tickets in Connecticut, time is never on your side. The quicker you speak with a qualified lawyer, the more time you have to lay out the options and find the best path suited for you.

For more information about how you can fight your ticket with a traffic lawyer in Connecticut, call our offices today at 844.785.5336 for a free consultation. You can also fill out the form at the top of the page. We will discuss your citation and assist you however we can. With our experience of handling hundreds of tickets obtained by local Connecticut residents, we have established a successful reputation for getting your tickets reduced or dismissed.