When you are caught driving without a license in the state of Connecticut you can face serious penalties. With the help of a experienced ticket lawyer, you can get this ticket dropped in most cases in the state of Connecticut contact us today to get a free consultation to see if you can benefit from legal services for your “driving without a license” ticket.

There are three scenarios for driving without a license:

  1. You have your driver’s license and are registered in the state of Connecticut but don’t have the license on you when the police officer pulled you over you didn’t have proof of a driver’s license and he gave you a ticket this ticket may be dismissed if you can prove that you own a valid driver’s license when you got the ticket.
    it’s important to note that you’re going to have to pay the fine regardless of proof or not. India Today Live almost everyone has driven without a license many people forget their wallet at home or at work. In this case just simply pay the citation and move on. Make sure you carry your wallet at all times with your driver’s license.
  2. Your license expired or you never had a license in Connecticut the general statue 14.36 “states that no person shall operate a motor vehicle on any public Highway of this state or private road on which a speed limit has been until such person has obtained a motor vehicle operator’s license.” When you are caught with this charge you usually are cited with a Class B traffic infraction and you can pay from $15 to $100 plus you must go and get a valid license if you get caught again you could be subject to jail time.
  3. Your license was suspended by the state of Connecticut DMV department. When you get caught with a suspended license this is considered a misdemeanor.

By Connecticut state law (14-215) (a,b) and 14-111(b), PA 05-215, your first offense will require you to pay between 150 and $200 and you will have to go to jail for maximum 90 days when you get caught a second time you’re fine is going to be $200 and $600 and you can be jailed for up to one year.

Defending the charge of not owning a Connecticut driver’s license

Overall defending the case of driving without a license can be very hard to plead not guilty as soon as the prosecutor in the court of law charges you with driving without a license you must prove that you have a valid license when you got pulled over it’s quite simple if you can’t show proof of license you automatically lose. Each case is different and most likely you will benefit by talking to a traffic ticket attorney before you plead your case. A professional traffic ticket attorney can give you advice and help negotiating your plea to the judge.

Undocumented Immigrant and Connecticut Driver’s Licenses

As of January 2nd, 2015 undocumented immigrants of the United States can have a “drive only” license in the state of Connecticut.

Take action today by calling a professional traffic ticket lawyer in Connecticut we can discuss your case and see if you will have a strong defense in the court of law. The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 1-844-Pulled-Over is here to help you resolve your ticket as smooth as possible.