If you were caught in the state of Connecticut with an unregistered expired registration for your vehicle you will get you will receive a penalty and can have an ass and can be subject to a suspension of your license. Most of the time you’re going to get a fine however you can defend this properly by speaking to a professional traffic ticket attorney. Let The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 1-844-Pulled-Over handle your unregistered motor vehicle ticket questions.

A citation against Connecticut General Statute Section 14-12 may be given in the following circumstances:

  • A person registers a motor vehicle that he or she does not operate or own.
  • A person operates or allows the operation of a motor vehicle on the highway when it is not registered.
  • A Connecticut resident uses a motor vehicle that has marker (license) plates issued by another state. When you move to the state of Connecticut you have a 60 day window to change your marker plates over.
  • A person fails to renew the registration of a vehicle before it expires. A person has 30 days to renew the registration of the vehicle after it expires.

Connecticut Grand Statute 14-12 states that if you are driving a motor vehicle on a public road in Connecticut without a valid registration, you are breaking the law. If you fail to get the registration renewed within 30 days you will receive a traffic ticket. The penalty will range from $150 to $300 for driving a vehicle, without the proper registration, on your first offense. For your second offense, you will be fined between $200 and $600 and imprisoned for up to one year.

Connecticut Grand Statute 14-12 states that no person shall operate or cause to be operated any motor vehicle the registration of which has been refused suspended or revoked, or any motor vehicle, the right to operate which has been suspended or revoked.

Before you start the new year make sure you have taken the proper steps to get your driver’s license and car registration renewed. When you get stopped by a police officer, you will then be able to show them proper registration.

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