It’s common knowledge to understand that when you drive a vehicle you stay inside the designated lane. If you start to drift over the lanes and a police officer sees you, he may pull you over and ask why you are swerving lanes. If the office thinks you have performed reckless driving, he/she may cite you for a failure to maintain lane ticket.
Another instance where you can get this ticket is if you are trying to merge into another lane and you do not put on your signal to turn. Without signaling, you aren’t explaining to the other drivers that you are coming into the lane closest to them.

It’s also important to note that you should not be held to drive perfect all the time. Everyone makes mistakes. You may have a simple momentum of lapsing and fall into the other lane.

When driving a motor vehicle you are required to take caution of knowing which lane you’re driving in and the distance you are between each line. You also must understand weather conditions and road conditions.

Unless there is momentum where you need to make an emergency swerve out of the lane to avoid another vehicle, you need to be well aware of the atmosphere around your car while driving.

If you lose control of your vehicle and crash into another vehicle, the law states that you technically failed to maintain your lane. You’re more the likely won’t get a ticket for this instance, but you will have to face the consequences of your actions and your insurance policy. If the cop sees that you have excessive drifting or swerving outside of your lines, he/she might give you a ticket directly for this matter. Any other offenses you get with this charge may result in multiple DMV points added to your driving record

In rare situations where a police officer pulls you over for failure to maintain your lane while driving, you can have a lawyer defend you in the court of law. Call The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 1-844-Pulled-Over to schedule a free consultation to go over your case and analyze what happened at the specific time and if the police officer had the right to pull you over. It’s important that you take care of this as soon as possible so penalty fees don’t start accruing as time goes on. The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 1-844-Pulled-Over are on your side and are here to help days, nights and weekends.