You must be very careful as a commercial truck driver operating in the state of Connecticut. So make sure that you listen and understand the laws as you drive your commercial truck within Connecticut roads.

Any infraction while driving a commercial truck stays on your record and accrues harsh DMV points regardless of the future state in which you are driving in.
Your insurance rates and DMV points are going to rise, which could lead to a suspension of your commercial license. Even worse, because your career depends on this commercial license, you might lose the job you’re at and have a very difficult time finding another job as a commercial truck driver. As a truck driver, the Connecticut law is against you in regards to infractions.

It’s very important that you keep your history clean and have maintained employment for as long as possible with reputable companies, so when you go to court and fight infraction for Commercial Driving, you have a responsible record to work with. The lawyers at The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 1-844-Pulled-Over can help you with any commercial truck driving claim that you have currently. You want a law firm that has a proven track record of helping clients get reductions in their fines and also penalties taken off of their driving record. Call the offices of The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 1-844-Pulled-Over for a free consultation on your commercial truck driving claim ticket.

We can help defend your commercial trucking claim with:

  • Reducing fines
  • Dismissing fines
  • Keeping points off CDL record and motor vehicle record ( MVR )
  • Keep record clean, which affects job, insurance policy.

Don’t let a single commercial trucking ticket ruin your career. To file a claim call The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 1-844-Pulled-Over today and get started.