When you are cited for a moving violation, not only do you have to face the steep fines and penalties, you have to deal with the assessments against your DMV license and driving history.
When you are convicted guilty of the traffic offense , your report is filed with the DMV and points will be added to your driver’s license record. These points could be held against you for many years causing issuance premiums to rise and also costly license suspension that deeply affect your daily life.

The DMV points stay with you on record for twenty four (24) months from the date they were assigned. Before the points are added to your record, you have to be convicted guilty of the motor vehicle charge. When you have reached 6 points on your driving record, you will get a warning notice from the DMV and have to take special driver’s education classes. When you get more then 10 points, you will have your motor vehicle licensed suspended for 30 days. After the suspension, if you get a total of 10 points int he next 5 years, you will automatically receive a 2 year license suspension.

The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 1-844-Pulled-Over has been dealing with motor vehicle infractions that trigger DMV points for many years and can help you defend your next case in trial to avoid getting your point score to start adding up. Prior to you pleading guilty to a citation, contact us and we can consult your next move to get the charges either dropped or lowered and avoid harsh DMV point penalties.

For a full list of charges and their respective point values, see the chart below.
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