Getting a speeding ticket is never a fun experience. Many drivers have gotten or will get, 1 or more speeding ticket in their lifetime. Speeding tickets can greatly impact a driver in a number of ways for many years. This can include; steep fines, car insurance rate hikes and can negatively affect your driving record.

In addition, traffic tickets come with court fees and other surcharges. Violation of traffic laws can also lead to revocation or suspension of your driving privilege, and at times even imprisonment if the right measures are not taken in time. As a general rule of the thumb; 3 moving violation convictions over a 3 year period, triggers the suspension of the driver’s license, or a mandatory driver’s education class.

Either way, this is a great inconvenience to the Connecticut drivers who require their licenses for daily activities such as work, school, and many other day to day obligations.

Let Us Defend Your Connecticut Traffic Ticket

In case you happen to get a speeding ticket in Connecticut, you need to hire a speeding ticket lawyer Connecticut to help you out. The lawyer will help advise you and help you fight the charges. While most motorists simply pay the ticket(s) and move on, it’s a smart idea to hire a speeding ticket lawyer Connecticut to fight your traffic ticket.

Many drivers get traffic tickets when they do not necessarily deserve them. For instance, perhaps you got the speeding ticket in Connecticut when you were simply trying to keep up with the traffic flow. Well, whether the speeding ticket was your actual fault or not, you have a better chance of having that ticket removed/erased from your driving record if you put the effort to fight it.

This is why it’s a wise idea to hire an attorney/lawyer to help you out. You should know that drivers who plead guilty directly/immediately might encounter dire consequences such as:

  • Some traffic offenses in Connecticut, such as speeding and such other moving violations, are usually automatically reported to Connecticut Driver Service Division; Connecticut routinely provides data/information concerning traffic tickets convictions to the other states.
  • Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT) follows the point system for tracking violations and the corresponding penalties; The points get added to your driving record; this can result in your driver’s license getting suspended.
  • The Connecticut motorists who accumulate lots of points on their driving records are usually subject to much higher car insurance rates.

Contact A Connecticut Speeding Ticket Lawyer Today

If you’re looking to hire a speeding ticket lawyer to help fight your Connecticut speeding ticket, you’ve come to the right place. The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 844-Pulled-Over is has a strong reputation for traffic ticket defense in Connecticut.

We offer high-quality professional services which will give you the much-needed peace of mind. When you hire us, you will never have to go to the courts. We will do every single thing for you. There are other numerous benefits you will enjoy when you hire us, some of which include;

The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 844-Pulled-Over lawyers have the skills and knowledge and know how to find the tiny details which the average person cannot find. We can find errors which most people don’t notice, and if there’s a mistake or error on your speeding ticket, then it’ll almost certainly get dismissed.

These errors/mistakes are usually missed by most motorists who decide to fight by themselves. With us, you can enjoy the benefit of having lawyers who know what technicalities to use so as to help get you out of the ticket.

  • We can get your speeding ticket reduced; If it happens that there aren’t any mistakes on your ticket, and turns out that there’s no way of getting you out of it (which is unlikely), we can negotiate and get you a much lower fine.
  • We will fight for your rights; You most likely do not know what rights you’ve as a driver in the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut Ticket Defenders: 844-Pulled-Over know everything there’s to know about traffic law and drivers’ rights in Connecticut. We will fight for your rights, and have your speeding ticket dismissed or reduced.

If you’ve been pulled over, and got issued a speeding ticket in Connecticut, please contact us and we will gladly help you fight it. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.